Day Conferences

"We have this Hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."- Hebrews 6:19

Costs for Day Retreats

The costs to use the retreat center for a day retreat are as follows:

Facility Use Charge:

A La Carte Meals Per Person:
Continental Breakfast:  $6/person
Full Breakfast: $10/person
Lunch: $15/person
Dinner: $20/person

Menu options will be provided upon booking.

Cancellation Policy: For Day of Reflection Retreats any cancellation a week of the retreat will be a credit towards another Hope House retreat in the future.

For additional information or to book a retreat, please call us at 814-455-7364.  

(*Please note that a donation will be acceptable if a group is unable to pay the full amount for the Facility Use Charge.)

Conference Room Settings

The conference room can be set up in an informal setting, in a theatre setting, or in a discussion setting. You may also choose one of these settings or a combination of these styles depending on your individual needs for a retreat.  In order to be accommodating to your specific retreat, the furniture can be arranged accordingly.  We will work with the Retreat Coordinator to accommodate specific requests.  Here are examples of the various ways that the conference room may be set up:


Informal Setting

This is an ideal set up for small groups.  The informal setting uses our cozy leather couches which seat up to ten,
and additional chairs can be added as needed.  There is a podium in the conference room that the speakers can utilize.

Informal informal (232x174) informal 1


Formal Setting

Our 48 chairs can be set up in theatre style with the podium in the front. This is a perfect set up for large group lectures.

                Theatre style 3 (232x174) theatre style 2 (232x174) Theatre Style (232x174)

Discussion Setting

Round tables can be set up with eight chairs at each table in order to establish a setting for both large group lectures and small group
discussions. This is a great setting for groups looking to break into small groups for discussion and/or a written or artistic table activity.

             Discussion rounds 2 (232x174) Discussion Rounds (232x174) Discussion (480x640)